Merge Details 26/3/2017

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Merge Details 26/3/2017

Post by Asa Ventress on Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:21 pm

Ivojedi (Lead Core Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issues x 2
(unstable)[Fixed] Some awareness optimizations

Miztah (Developer)
(unstable)[Added] Modifier to reduce jedi experience to 20% of normal experience
(unstable)[Rewrote] Trainers to be handled in lua
(unstable)[Added] Jedi conversation strings to trainers
(unstable)[Moved] Jedi trainer location functionality to findmytrainer command
(unstable)[Fixed] Existing player city trainer conversations not working properly after the trainer rewrite
(unstable)[Fixed] Incorrect duration timer on the village buff item examine window
(unstable)[Fixed] Hunt trials will no longer show your target count when meditating prior to speaking to the trial NPC, attempt 2
(unstable)[Fixed] Racial experience modifiers not affecting combat exp properly. Mantis #7412
(unstable)[Fixed] Sarguillo phase 3 not properly resetting player progress after a server restart
(unstable)[Fixed] Retrieving the computer core now properly resets the data on the tracking device for the Phase 4 Engineer quest
(unstable)[Fixed] Sarguillo phase 4 not updating the main quest journal entry when completing one of the quests
(unstable)[Fixed] Sarguillo phase 4 not clearing from the quest journal on phase change if the quest was not completed
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue

Reoze (Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Invalid postures after detonation droid kills a target
(unstable)[Fixed] getSpawnPointInArea length scaling

Valkyra (Community contributors)
(unstable)[Fixed] Typos in fs_village_defense.lua

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