Merge Details 18/4/2017

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Merge Details 18/4/2017

Post by Asa Ventress on Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:56 pm

TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Compiling for new engine update
(unstable)[Changed] CommandQueueEnqueue task name to better reflect the action for metrics
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue x 3
(unstable)[Changed] Removed old max/min macros
(unstable)[Added] Some resource manager logging

Miztah (Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Sarguillo phase 4 giving the option to start a quest that had been completed in a prior cycle. Mantis #7429
(unstable)[Added] More skill mod comparison debug logging
(unstable)[Fixed] Dageerin search and destroy camps not properly despawning
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue x 2
(unstable)[Fixed] Typo in entertainer experience tick
(unstable)[Added] More debug logging to lua spawn point functions
(unstable)[Fixed] Diminishing exp calculation on low experience instruments
(unstable)[Fixed] Typo in fs_village_defense.lua
(unstable)[Fixed] Mellichae's theater now despawns when the player leaves range after completing the encounter
(unstable)[Fixed] Getting spammed with fail messages for Whip quests when dying after completing the quest chain
(unstable)[Fixed] Whip phase 2 supplies not being removed from inventory if the player fails the quest
(unstable)[Added] Argument to snoop command for reading screenplay data
(unstable)[Added] Arguments to script command for reading shared memory data
(unstable)[Fixed] Field faction changes not triggering after using the SUI prompt
(unstable)[Fixed] Old man not properly spawning after unlocking a 6th branch
(unstable)[Added] Base SUI framework and functionality to gmfsvillage command
(unstable)[Fixed] Trainers not sending the proper string when a player doesn't have enough skill points
(unstable)[Added] Basic progression information to player info window of gmfsvillage
(unstable)[Added] Missing email when unlocking padawan
(unstable)[Fixed] Old man outro encounter not rescheduling if player doesn't converse with him
(unstable)[Fixed] Lotto droids not ending the game or removing from world after a server restart
(unstable)[Added] Debug info for hunt trial errors
(unstable)[Fixed] Jedi BH missions not giving the mission owner credit if the target was killed by a pet. Mantis #6925
(unstable)[Fixed] Dageerin's phase 2 and phase 3 search and destroy quests not despawning the most recent camp when the player reaches the turnin limit
(unstable)[Fixed] Typo in dageerin_phase2_conv_handler.lua
(unstable)[Fixed] Band group experience bonus. Mantis #3629
(unstable)[Changed] Performer flourish experience should now grant diminishing experience ticks if the performer stops flourishing. Mantis #5453
(unstable)[Added] Applause and audience count modifiers to final performer exp gain
(unstable)[Fixed] Typo in trainer convo not enough skill points screen

Ivojedi (Lead Core Developer)
(unstable)[Removed] Some unnecessary ref counting
(unstable)[Fixed] Root parent updates forcing delayed load containers to load
(unstable)[Fixed] Transferring to zone not updating children's root properly
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue
(unstable)[Added] Containers with delayed load, once loaded, will unload after not being accessed for a time

nee2earth (Quality Assurance)
(unstable)[Changed] Whip's phase 2 mission to now require 6 crates total for completion. Mantis #7425
(unstable)[Adjusted] The spawn-radius for Phases 2/3 theater spawns
(unstable)[Fixed] Mellichae & Daktar spatial msg's to always be directed at their primary enemy the quest owner

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