Merge Details 23/4/2017

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Merge Details 23/4/2017

Post by Asa Ventress on Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:09 am

Ivojedi (Lead Core Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Some cppcheck warnings
(unstable)[Fixed] Clone of a loaded container will now schedule unloading of container objects
(unstable)[Fixed] Player bounty same account check
(unstable)[Added] Event mobs can now be created with variable scaling

Miztah (Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Typo in fs_reflex1.lua
(unstable)[Fixed] Hunt trial NPCs not respawning after a restart if player had completed all kills before server went down
(unstable)[Changed] Extended despawn range of Mellichae after completing the encounter
(unstable)[Fixed] Chief engineer allowing a player to continue progress on a previous quest attempt when the player has already accepted a different quest that phase
(unstable)[Fixed] Snoop screenplaydata not returning correct value
(unstable)[Fixed] Some gmfsvillage issues
(unstable)[Fixed] Typo in trialData.lua
(unstable)[Added] Snoop functionality to list pending player lua events

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