Merge Details 19/2/2017

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Merge Details 19/2/2017

Post by Asa Ventress on Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:18 pm

TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue x 3

Ivojedi (Lead Core Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue

Miztah (Developer)
(unstable)[Added] Species XP bonus modifiers. Mantis #7261
(unstable)[Fixed] Lightsaber force cost not having a hidden decimal. Mantis #6651
(unstable)[Fixed] Sarguillo not talking to the player in phase 3 if they had already started his quest
(unstable)[Fixed] Players who are in the process of a base capture for Sarguillo phase 3 when the server goes down should now be reset back to start next time they log in
(unstable)[Fixed] Sarguillo phase 3 datapads and camp remotes to be tradeable
(unstable)[Fixed] Typo in fs_phase3.lua
(unstable)[Fixed] Players failing Sarguillo's phase 3 after taking down a base's shield should no longer get a reward if a group member still completes the escort
(unstable)[Fixed] Commander escort way point not removing on completion
(unstable)[Changed] Cleaned up Paemos' experience conversion code
(unstable)[Added] Lua SUI Transfer box functionality
(unstable)[Added] Ability to close existing sui boxes from lua using new sui structure

Ivojedi (Lead Core Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Counterstrike rescuer spatial chat not firing

Miztah (Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Players not being able to converse with Paemos after completing the force sensitive intro quests
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue
(unstable)[Fixed] More Sarguillo reward and way point removal fixes

Ivojedi (Lead Core Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Some memory leaks
(unstable)[Changed] Some deprecated boost macro uses into c++11 lambdas
(unstable)[Added] Overloaded executeOrderedTask to allow for use of lambdas
(unstable)[Removed] execute_ordered_task_ macros
(unstable)[Fixed] Default factory crate size to 25. Mantis #4317
(unstable)[Changed] The rest of the execute_task macros to lambdas
(unstable)[Fixed] A couple randoms generated inside MIN/MAX macros causingunexpected results
(unstable)[Removed] Boost
(unstable)[Fixed] Biogenic herald/dealer will now resend the junk selection suiafter a player sells a single item and has more relics
(unstable)[Changed] Biogenic herald/dealer now checks if the player has the cavewaypoint to determine which initial screen to use
(unstable)[Fixed] A player will now only have the convo option to tell thebiogenic herald/dealer that they have relics to sell if they actuallyhave some
(unstable)[Added] Correct multi destination conversations for Corellia heralds Karin and Lock

nee2earth (Quality Assurance)
(unstable)[Changed] LUA template of the 'Giant Sand Beetle', to produce babies

TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issuees x 2
(unstable)[Added] broadcastMessage optimizations
(unstable)[Added] More broadcast message optimizations
(unstable)[Added] Some message sending optimizations x 2
(unstable)[Fixed] Typo in CreatureObjectImplementation.cpp/PlayerObjectImplementation.cpp
(unstable)[Changed] BaseClient to be a weak reference in ZoneClientSession

Ivojedi (Lead Core Developer)
(unstable)[Added] Heralds for drall patriot's cave and lord nyax's cult
(unstable)[Fixed] Sniper shot. Mantis #6881
(unstable)[Fixed] Factory crate size for some armor smith schematics. Mantis #4317
(unstable)[Fixed] Factory crate size for medical items. Mantis #4317
(unstable)[Fixed] Factory crate size for some misc schematics. Mantis #4317
(unstable)[Fixed] Error in sith shadow intro theater
(unstable)[Refactor] Removed factoryCrateSize from tano template and moved it toDraftSchematicTemplate
(unstable)[Removed] allowFactoryRun from DraftSchematicTemplate - settingfactoryCrateSize to 0 disables factory runs now
(unstable)[Changed] When a factory creates an item with factoryCrateSize of 1, itputs the item direclty in the output hopper instead of creating a crateof size 1
(unstable)[Fixed] Some coverity defects
(unstable)[Added] Explicit LuaCityRegion to replace the autogen one
(unstable)[Fixed] Error in village scripts when Dathomir is disabled

Miztah (Developer)
(unstable)[Changed] Theaters will now only spawn objects and mobiles when theowner gets within 250m, and will despawn them when the owner goesoutside 300m (this includes cloning)
(unstable)[Changed] Theaters no longer despawn automatically on a timer
(unstable)[Fixed] An issue with checking completed force branches
(unstable)[Fixed] Old man re-triggering when the player learned additional forcebranches after completing Mellichae
(unstable)[Added] A couple debug statements
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue x 3
(unstable)[Added] Additional debug data to the lua screenplayData functions
(unstable)[Added] Functionality to village buff item reward
(unstable)[Added] Lua traceback data to some screenplay errors to assist withdebugging
(unstable)[Fixed] Error when spawning a theater with mobiles using specific spawnlocations

nee2earth (Quality Assurance)
(unstable)[Fixed] A few event perk object templates. Mantis #7341

TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
(unstable)[Added] Better objc transferObject error message
(unstable)[Fixed] More broadcastMessage optimizations
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue x 2
(unstable)[Fixed] ThreadLocal destruction on shutdown
(unstable)[Added] Scene::getParent optimization
(unstable)[Fixed] Use after free in some lambdas
(unstable)[Added] Some minor optimizations
(unstable)[Fixed] Array out of bounds exception in RevokeConsentSuiCallback
(unstable)[Changed] AiAgent::camouflagedObjects to a sorted vector

Ivojedi (Lead Core Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Structure factory crate sizes
(unstable)[Fixed] Furniture factory crate sizes
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue
(unstable)[Fixed] Shipwright factory crate sizes
(unstable)[Fixed] Some message sending optimizations
(unstable)[Removed] Some unused methods
(unstable)[Added] Eyes of Mesra to loot. Mantis #7286
(unstable)[Fixed] Exceptional and legendary items can now drop from any level mob. Mantis #7211
(unstable)[Changed] Increased chance for skill mods and random dots on loot. Mantis #7350
(unstable)[Changed] Exceptional and legendary loot now has a much higher chance to have skill mods and random dots. Mantis #7350
(unstable)[Fixed] PVP TEF now blocks entry to all player placed buildings other than faction bases. Mantis #7337
(unstable)[Fixed] Poison/disease resist buff packs C now display and apply their absorption mod. Mantis #7032
(unstable)[Added] Resist buff packs to blue frogs
(unstable)[Fixed] AP on NS energy lance
(unstable)[Fixed] Some target/message errors with /consent, /unconsent, and /haveconsent. Mantis #7198
(unstable)[Added] Missing check in /consent
(unstable)[Fixed] XP issue with /conceal. Mantis #6786
(unstable)[Fixed] Camouflage doesn't work except on the planet it was applied on. Mantis #7155
(unstable)[Fixed] AI awareness now uses 3D range checks. Mantis #6981

nee2earth (Quality Assurance)
(unstable)[Fixed] A vendor detection issue
(unstable)[Fixed] The previously incorrect combatSpam references to both mindshot1 & mindshot2, as well as their DOT duration. Mantis #7212
(unstable)[Changed] Jedi Healers can no longer use their profession skills to heal droids (or other non-biological objects). Mantis #7348
(unstable)[Fixed] Using the /waypoint command with number coordinates in the argument when also having something targeted should now yield the proper intended actual entered way point

Many thanks Emu Team

Asa Ventress

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