Merge Details 26/2/17

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Merge Details 26/2/17

Post by Asa Ventress on Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:40 am

TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
(unstable)[Added] Some more optimizations
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issues x 6
(unstable)[Fixed] Unnecessary clones in ObjectManager::cloneObject
(unstable)[Fixed] Typo in ObjectManager
(unstable)[Fixed] Compiling with updated e3
(unstable)[Added] Some more minor optimizations

Miztah (Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Bestine museum curator failing to give players the blumbush painting schematic
(unstable)[Fixed] Exceptional/legendary crystal stat calculation
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issues x 2
(unstable)[Fixed] Droids and creature habitats not working when pulled from a crate. Mantis #6360, #7342
(unstable)[Added] Naming functionality for a few droid types to name manager
(unstable)[Fixed] Names of objects spawned by Jawa and Droids event perk
(unstable)[Fixed] Detonation droids not detonating properly
(unstable)[Fixed] Detonation droids to do their 10 second warm up when they are called rather then when their owner attempts to detonate
(unstable)[Added] New padawan trials framework (Currently only architect trial available)
(unstable)[Added] Functionality to fail trials if player drops below minimum FS branch requirement

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