Merge Details 5/3/2017

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Merge Details 5/3/2017

Post by Asa Ventress on Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:13 pm

TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Not loading unnecessary players for chat room messages
(unstable)[Added] Minor optimizations x 2
(unstable)[Added] Some more minor optimizations and preparing for some engine changes
(unstable)[Fixed] Make build-cmake

Miztah (Developer)
(unstable)[Added] Animation param to ConversationScreen to trigger animations when a convo screen is sent to a player
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issues x 6
(unstable)[Fixed] Meditate menu not showing the restart/quit trial window if the player is on a trial
(unstable)[Fixed] KILLEDCREATURE observer not triggering for grouped non leader players in range of the creature. Mantis #7365
(unstable)[Fixed] Overflow issues x 3
(unstable)[Fixed] Being able to complete architect trial without speaking to the target
(unstable)[Fixed] Whip phase 1 escort disappearing when leaving the theater area
(unstable)[Fixed] Despawned theaters that respawn should no longer respawn mobs that had been killed prior to the despawn
(unstable)[Added] Random trial npc spawn point functionality (restricted to Naboo currently)
(unstable)[Added] Artist and bad cat padawan trials

Reoze (Developer)
(unstable)[Added] PathFinderManager::getSpawnPointInArea to query recast for valid spawn points inside of navmeshes

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