Merge Details 12/3/2017

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Merge Details 12/3/2017

Post by Asa Ventress on Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:04 pm

TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Added out of bounds exception in dtRandomPointInConvexPoly
(unstable)[Fixed] idl missing import
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue

Ivojedi (Lead Core Developer)
(unstable)[Changed] Village raider AI template to wander when at home loc
(unstable)[Fixed] Villagers spawned during village raids to no longer sometimes spawn in walls

Miztah (Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] Phase 1 whip theater mob becoming non attackable if the theater despawns/respawns after the player started the escort
(unstable)[Fixed] Positioning of some whip phase 1 theater mobs and objects
(unstable)[Fixed] More theater mobile respawn issues
(unstable)[Added] Chef padawan trial
(unstable)[Fixed] Hopefully the last theater respawn issue
(unstable)[Added] Kill Baz Nitch, Peoples Soldier, Politician, Spice Mom and Surveyor trials
(unstable)[Added] Spawn points for other trial planets
(unstable)[Added] Sob Story, Kill Falumpaset and Kill Sludge Panther padawan trials
(unstable)[Added] Lightsaber crafting padawan trial
(unstable)[Added] The Ring padawan trial
(unstable)[Fixed] Not being able to repair a GCW base security terminal if someone had previously failed to slice it
(unstable)[Fixed] getSpawnPoint trying to grab a point outside map boundaries
(unstable)[Fixed] Convo bugs with Peoples Soldier and Spice Mom trials
(unstable)[Fixed] Mobiles failing isDead checks after they have been looted
(unstable)[Fixed] Not being able to drop below 24 force sensitive boxes prior to becoming a padawan
(unstable)[Added] Old Musician padawan trial
(unstable)[Added] Pannaqa padawan trial
(unstable)[Enabled] Unlocking padawan after completing all trials
(unstable)[Fixed] Kill falumpaset padawan trial not using the correct convo
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue x 2
(unstable)[Fixed] Lightsaber crafting padawan trial being given when it's not the player's 8th trial. Mantis #7382
(unstable)[Fixed] Force shrine sui thinking the player pressed quit trials when they closed the window without pressing a button
(unstable)[Fixed] Force shrine not listing how many kills have been counted for the kill trials
(unstable)[Fixed] GCW bases not triggering an explosion animation when destroyed. Mantis #7386
(unstable)[Changed] Padawan trials will now only spawn on different planet than the shrine they are meditating at is on
(unstable)[Changed] Restarting a trial will no longer pick a new planet, city or location
(unstable)[Fixed] Convo issue when turning in the Peoples Soldier trial
(unstable)[Fixed] Some issues with restarting or failing the lightsaber trial making it uncompletable
(unstable)[Fixed] Kill sludge panther convo not working
(unstable)[Changed] Padawan hunt trials should now give credit for all variants of the trial target
(unstable)[Reverted] Restriction on trial restart to same location

Reoze (Developer)
(unstable)[Fixed] getSpawnPointInArea returning bad values
(unstable)[Fixed] Spawn points being created in water
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue with getSpawnPointInArea

nee2earth (Quality Assurance)
(unstable)[Fixed] Z-axis issue with Criminal NPC on Tatooine. Mantis #7379
(unstable)[Fixed] Incorrect acceptance option convo string for surveyor Padawan Trial. Mantis #7300
(unstable)[Fixed] Missing convo chunk for sob story Trial when conversing without having finished the mission. Mantis #7300
(unstable)[Fixed] Improper convo end for Whip if you're already currently working for someone else at The Village
(unstable)[Fixed] Incorrect convo option for the Chef Padawan Trial when player is already on quest. Mantis #7300
(unstable)[Fixed] Incorrect 1st option convo string for Politician trial, if player returns without having finished the mission. Mantis #7300
(unstable)[Fixed] Incorrect decline option convo string for bad cat Trial, if player returns without having finished. Mantis #7300

Cere(Community contributors)
(unstable)[Fixed] Effectiveness resists not properly changing during experimentation. Mantis #5701

Ekultails(Community contributors)
(unstable)[Fixed] Add missing brackets to code
(unstable)[Fixed] Spacing issues
(unstable)[Added] Compilation support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux based operating systems

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